Babeș-Bolyai University has an energy efficiency policy which sets the guidelines for reducing considerable energy consumption. Thus, in 2020 the Administration Council of the BBU issued decisions (17 642/7.12.2020) regarding  the application of green technologies and measures to increase energy efficiency.


The main points of the decisions are:

  • Except where technological restrictions prevent it, all luminaries will be replaced with ecological light bulbs (led, halogen) once they reach the end of their operating life. It is also recommended that, to the greatest extent possible, motion and light switches be installed that activate the lighting system only when the intensity of natural light falls below a certain threshold and there are people in the sensor coverage area.


  • Any major intervention involving UBB buildings will take into account technological solutions that minimise energy usage in order to reduce energy consumption.


  • All UBB equipment purchases will also be driven by the concept of energy efficiency.


All these policies, where already applied within the BBU under various administrative decisions.

According to an internal evaluation carried out in 2020:

  • more than 90% of our electricity is ensured from renewable energy sources as hydropower
  • the usage of energy efficient appliances is over 50%
  • the total carbon footprint in metric tons is 152.